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The S550 Ford Mustang

Drift Car

Custom Widebody

Robot Craftsmen

Maximizing exposure is the name of the game. We wanted to not only build a drift car but also ensure that we would be on everyone's radar the entire time the car was out doing it's thing. This ensures social media coverage and the best possible exposure for the sponsors. 

Vehicle Obtainable Factor

Daily Driven

When we set out to build a vehicle we make sure to keep the car within the realm of obtainable for the common person. Outside of the roll cage, hydro brake and racing seat most people look at this car and feel they could build it as well. This is the zero moment of truth and where we are able to push the parts that make the build. 


Over Powered

Power Plant

We are powered by a fully built 5. Coyote motor complimented by a VMP Performance Odin Supercharger making just under 1200whp.. 


The Angle Maker

The car suspension is obviously extremely important so we went with FDF Race for our angle kit and BC Racing for our coilovers. 

Press Play!

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