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Exposure Services


Tags On All Social  Media Platforms

We have 100's of thousands of followers across Tiktok, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. We will tag and mention your company or product in all posts where the the product is shown.

Install & Before and After Videos

We will release install and before and after videos that are very well produced and linked directly to your website. These will be put out on all major video based social media and content based sites.


Prominent Logo Placement

Size of logo space on the car and how prominate the logos are is dependent on the investment from the potential sponsor or partner. This can range from very large to smaller. Many options are available from size and color to multiple locations.

Event, Convention and Competition Demo Use

Exposure at SEMA, PRI, TX2K and other extremely large events. Other major events include FL2K, CES, Digital Dealer, NADA, Import Face Off, Tuner Evolution and much more. 


Video Game Features

Our builds are found in multiple video games that range from all different platforms. Everything from Pixel Racer on mobile platforms to PC, Xbox and Playstation with the new release of Forza Horizon 5..  

Our builds are commonly used by our sponsors for promotional use either in video, pictures or events. We can make the vehicle readily available to your company for almost any type of useage. 


Often during our release of new builds companies want to colaborate on projects with us. This could range from using our car on the cover of their new coffee flavor to shirts and other accessories with our vehicles on them. 


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